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April 16, 2004

Despite paying the premium of almost $450.00 a year ago for a supposedly superior product, following the preparation and application directions precisely, investing several days in the process (before moving into the property) the project FAILED!

We’ve now got a garage floor that, with inconsistencies in the coating, is a liability rather than an asset. Repeated communications beginning in February, on-line and by telephone resulted in nothing but promises that I would be contacted by the technical department.

We fianlly heard from the Principal of U-Coat-it the week of April 18, very impressive.  He asked that we conduct a few tests and provede samples.  We did and after a month and a call, e-mail or two on a Saturday we heard back.  We couldn't take the call at the time.  Called back later and have heard nothing since.  It irritates me everytme I hear the U-Coat-It warranty spouted on "My Classic Garage"...

Our recommendations, don’t purchase U-Coat-It, It-Does-Not-Perform-As-Advertised and Its-Warranty-Is-Not-Supprted.

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