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Project Two
Unlike the Maxima, there are no illusions as to this machine's intent...

I'm "Skippy", a 2002 Dodge Neon ACR (American Club Racer), built by Daimler/Chrysler on February 23, 2002 @ 6:00 AM.  I'm built by the manufacture as a no frills budget racer that most can afford.  With 100k mile / 7 year warranty and routine maintenance all my basic needs are covered.

2nd 4 Door Sports Car

Test and tuning an SCCA Stock Classed car, at first, appears simple.

Getting the factory recommended 2.4 degrees of negative camber up front was relatively straight forward.

Struts set full stiff in the back will induce plenty of rotation on corner entry with a price to be paid on the occasional high speed slalom, the tail wagging from side to side and spinning at the end.

Of course, the smaller contact patch of the rear tires might of contributed (running Victoracer V700s 225 front & 205 rear @ time).

We'll be following to Thunderhill 1/19/03


- G-Stock Street Tire Class -


(copying the highest placing Neon in G-Stock @ the '02 SCCA Solo2 Nationals)


Alignment settings

(requires Crash Bolts & elongating clevis bolt hole on strut as specified in Neon Shop Manual)

  • Front:  Camber – 2.4 degrees, Toe – 1/16” out
  • Rear:  Camber - .5 degrees, Toe – ¼” out


Strut Settings

(standard ACR Dynamic Suspension Struts (double adjustable 26 position)

  • Front:  Full Stiff (26 “clicks” clockwise from full soft)
  • Rear:  ~ ¾ Stiff (7 “Clicks counter clockwise from full stiff)


  • OEM "snow flake" 15x6 - 40mm offset


Tire Pressures

(Falken Azenis Sport 205/50x15)

  • Front:  52 psi cold
  • Rear:  47 psi cold



(H&R Hub Centric)

  • Front:  5mm
  • Rear:  None


  • Hawk HP+ Street / Competition Compound Pads

And what about the results?
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