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Project 1
Development, Test and Tuning the 4 Door Sports Car
beginning with a base platfrom most enthusiast ignore
The base Nissan Maxima being quite capable under the hood (Wards Ten Best Engines for eight years running) we turned our attention to suspension tuning. Through a series of progressive upgrades we have arrived at a setup that is proven, through competition, to deliver handling deserving of the engine notoriety.

Some of the suspension work was tedious. Take a look at the PDF to the left.

We know of no better way to determine the viability of performance components than through sanctioned competition events. Our choice is SCCA's Solo 2 time trials where, in 2000, we earned the San Francisco Regions Street Touring Championship. Click on the picture to the right for three pages @ Courtesy Parts which describe our early procress.
while it may feel differently we're still using reciprocating internal combustion
this is the real thing, no joy sticks or virtual reality here
Street Touring
Perhaps you'd like to learn a bit more about SCCA's venue: Providing a natural competition outlet for auto enthusiasts using affordable sport sedans equipped with common suspension and appearance modifications which are fully legal and compatible for street use anywhere in the country. For up to date info on the SCCA Street Touring scene click the picture to the left.
 Thanks to our 2002 / 2003 sponsor! Modacar - accessories for today's motorsports enthusiast, the participant. Click on the 4D Sport logo to the right and visit our featured sponsors site.
in association with prominant vendors - 4D delivers... firsts
Consistent wins tend to get attention...
... attention in all the right places.
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