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2009 - A Transitional Year
Adding to Team RFC, a catalyst for change.

4D presents the Mazda RX-8 for competition in San Francisco Region SCCA Solo's 2009 Street Touring eXtra (STX) class.

4D presents the Mazda RX-8 for competition in San Francisco Region SCCA Solo 2009 Street Touring eXtra (STX).  Team COOPER Racing partners with, and to support the drive for blood donations through Red Cross Racing and to help kids with cancer with -
2009 season opener livery, Team COOPER embraces Red Cross Racing. -
2009 Team COOPER Racing partners
  • American Red Cross Racing

  • " Sticks" RX-8

    Street Touring (X); "a competition outlet for auto enthusiasts using affordable cars equipped with common suspension, engine, and appearance modifications which are fully legal and compatible for street use anywhere in the country."

    STX, where the "cisco" region sports competition between the likes of BMW, Subaru, Honda, Mazda and Nissan, we will  be challenged to be prepared to best of our team's abilities for each and every event.

    “cisco Sticks puts helping kids with cancer up front, supporting The Loneliest Road Campaign. -
    09 Preparation

    With all the development done in 2007 (M. Sipes) and 2008 the only critical need for our initial 2009 presentation was wheels and tires appropriate for the new competition class and a refresh of the livery with 2009 partnership graphics and, of course, drivers.

    Knowing that the all-wheel-drive WRXs will have an advantage on slick surfaces we choose a tire with superior wet weather performance, the Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec. -
    When it comes to light weight and strong street/competition wheels the Enkei RP-F1 is a stand out, especially at its price point.   We've used this wheel on both our MX-5s and, in a wider size, on the RX-8.  While the RX-8 fender wells will accommodate up to 10.5" wide wheels we're limited to 9" by the class rules. -

    Now the tuning begins and there are oh so many options from radical to mild. Rolling Eyes

        - sway bar settings
        - shock compression and rebound settings
        - spring rates
        - ride height
        - alignment settings
        - tire pressures
        - track
        - driving style

    "Sir, Please put the sledge hammer down and step away from the car... Shocked we're beginning with a few less radical modifications." Laughing Seriously, the tools of choice at this time are pyrometer, tire pressure gauge, tie wraps, and 10mm wrenches.

    Driving It

    With the variability of three different driving styles, teamwork becomes paramount when tuning a complex suspension.

    Two or three hard left hand corners heated the right front tire significantly more than the other three.  Some of the heat can be attributed to understeer (sliding the tire) as some drivers reported “push” on corner exit.  First step is to loosen the car up a bit by softening the front sway bar; which is currently limiting front suspension travel and outside tire dynamic camber gain.
    Barry aggressively presents cisco Sticks to the "showcase" turn Round 1.
    Learn more about the high preformance driving education resources available throuth our firm. -
    A veteran of the team, Dennis Armstrong has been instructing with us since 2002.  He always puts the student's needs first. -
    Dennis takes inside line,

    Staying on task is simple with limited objectives, but our team has a range of deliverables, and while synergistic, it does take a lot of energy to manage the diversity.

    Partner promotions and tuning were priorities for our '09 maiden voyage but it was driver development that ranked number one.

    Dennis did a great job instructing and Marc proved to be a quite capable student.

    The results show a 1st, 3rd and 8th place finish for the team out of 19 competitors.

    Did I mention how difficult it is to both train and compete at the same time???

    Barry's widest and
    Marc Holmes is new to Team COOPER Racing for the 2009 season, filling our student role.  While a novice at autocross, Marc's smooth under pressure and well versed in motorsports; currently employed at Infineon Raceway (Sears Point), Sonoma, CA as an Account Representative.  We first met Marc as he represented Infineon at the San Jose Festival of SPEED, utilizing the sophisticated system of the track's Toyota FJ Cruiser to provide some audio entertainment for the event.  It became clear after a few laps in the feature kart race that he's smooth behind the wheel too. -
    Marc's in the middle.
    Showing It
    "cicso Sticks" @ Rimz & Ribz 2009 - Cornerstone Fellowship - Livermore -
    "cicso Sticks" @ Rimz & Ribz 2009
    Follow me to Cornerstone Fellowship - Livermore
    Follow me to Cornerstone

    08 Preparation Baseline
    Thanks to Anthony Zwain, Matt Mederios and Gordon White of Edge Motorworks who helped with the suspension installation and corner weighting and Auto Care 2000 with the alignment, exhaust and brakes.

    And, of course, much gratitude to Mark Sipes. We'd be on a very steep learning curve if not for Mark's 2007 STU campaign. Mark engineered a complete suspension for the RX-8 is Street Touring (ST) competition including spring rates (three choices), damper curves (TrueChoice rebuilds), ride height and alignment recommendations. Mark even removed and replaces the front struts at a local competition, ensuring both assemblies were correctly assembled.

    We take a lesson from the Grand Am Koni Challenge utilizing a professional grade race damper.  Koni 2812s came with an upgrade package from Team RX-8.
    Anti-roll Bars
    Damper Tuning
    This alignment was done with the RX-8 riding on 18x9.5 45 ET wheels with 285/30x18 tires.  With the 17x9 restriction imposed by the STX class we're giving up almost 9/10ths of an inch track.  While, from event photos the general consensus is to add negative camber, we're thinking about doing so in a rather unconventional way, by increasing the track.
    Baseline Alignment
    Mixing it Up

    Even with a promotions focus in 2008 for the San Jose Festival of SPEED we had some time for tuning at Thunderhill, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Alameda Point, Golden Gate Fields and the Oakland Coliseum.



    SJ FoS Race Car @ SFR SCCA autocross from L Barry Chafin on Vimeo.

    Steve Bellen puts together some video footage of the 2008 car going through it's paces.  He's also produced an excellent video to help you prepare for your first event.

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