Partnering 4 Children's Wishes



Thanks to Bell Racing and the SCCA,

we took the three new Star 500 Kids loaner helmets to a birthday party with 15 five year olds where they took turns doning the helmets and pretending to race.  The SCCA provided Bell decals and membership patches.  4D provided course maps from Round 4 and pictures of the car aiding the kids in having a memorable experience.

In recognition of our efforts to make the party a memorable experience for the kids the host made a donation in our name to the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

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Funny story regarding driving a race decal clad car on the street as you seldom know the image you're imparting. Dennis was in the Miata following me in the Neon on the way to BigO in Dublin when in double left turn lanes we pulled alongside folks waiting on the inside line. As I came to a stop waiting for the light Dennis is beside a blue Accord when the right rear window rolls down and a little girl, probably 5 years old, shouts out the window; “I have that hat, I wear it when I ride my bicycle”, as she pointed at the Bell Racing sticker on the right rear quarter panel of the Miata.

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