Our Next Project

Which new 4 seat car would you choose?

The slection has never been better.  3 Series, Audis, Celica GTS, Civic Si,  CTS-V, Evo8, G35s, GTO, IS300s, Mini, Mustang, R-32, RSX, RX-8, SRT-4 ACR, Volvos, WRX-STI, ...

OK, our budget is somewhere in the mid $20ks.  Perhaps we shoud be thinking used?


How about a Race Car that's already prepped?

The one below was in our budget range and of German origin...      only two seats though, very snug fitting at that.


but then we'd need aTow Rig!

Mark's Cayane's sweet but Scotty B's transporter gets our vote.

Ever confused about whether to run the Race Car or

the Tow Rig?



No PROBLEM when the Tow Rig


Sport Utility Roadster ;^)


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... and the winner is!?

We reveal our selection in the Project Car Section. Hint: The car dominated B-Stock at the 2005 SCCA Solo National Championships, taking eight of the nine trophy spots.
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