Modacar partners to provide Dyno Specials

2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005,

Modacar Sponsorship including

special promotions 4 SCCA Members


three dyno runs for $30.00.

6583 Las Positas Road Livermore, CA


This deal is exclusively for SCCA Members who wish to get a baseline. 

**  Additional services are available and can be custom quoted separately by Modacar.  Just so there is no misunderstanding:


Please bring your valid SCCA license along when you plan to take advantage of this offer.

Why such a good deal.  It's simple; John Modica is a Racing fanatic.  He was glued to the fences surrounding the tracks as a kid before he was old enough to have a driver's license.  He understands racing, it runs through his veins.  He's been a long time SCCA member and he wants to help racers. 

Helping racers with special pricing on parts and services. 

Many folks may recognize Modacar for their bolt on parts business but Modacar is much more than that.  With service facilities in Livermore they've fielded some very competitive cars.  Don't be surprised if you stop by and see one of the 360 Modena Challenge Cars or perhaps a 550 or an Enzo in their shop.

Be certain to call ahead for an appointment - 925.371.5888
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