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18x8" - 42mm offset - 5 hole 114.3 bolt pattern - 20 lbs.

While our '02 Autocross competition Neon ACR has been sold...  

Ian's got a Road Race version available,

check it out!


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Autocross '02 ACR SOLD

Question, which Model Year Neon does Consumer Reports identify with above average reliability?  (Scroll down for the answer)

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On August 29, 2004 this car brought home the Championship in the Solo 2 Street Tire class, one of the most highly competitive in the SF SCCA Region.  Entered in 13 of the 15 Event Season, this Stock car produced 7 first place finishes, 4 more than the next closest finisher, besting 83 competitors.

Winning Neon ACRs go back to when they were first introduced in 1994.  Take a look at ALLPAR for a quick summary of Nationally competitive Neons from 1994 through 2001.

 '02 Neon ACR w/ Air and Side Air Bags



14,000 Mobile One Miles w/ hundreds of dollars of upgrades

Factory Standard Performance Equipment

  • Dynamic Suspensions Production Dampers
  • Factory Impulse Aluminum wheels with Goodyear Eagle Touring 185/60 x 15 

Options SOLD:

  • Factory Service Manual
  • Schroth Harness (Drivers Side)
  • Reese Hitch
  • H&R 5mm wheel spacers (1 set / front)
  • Yakima Roof Rack
  • Set of factory Impulse wheels with Hoosier
  • Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

Options Available:

  • SSR Type C w/ 216/45 x 16 Azenis Sports (4) - $1650.00 value
  • Rota MSW 16 x 7s w/ $580.00 value
  • New in Box 1st Gen matched Springs (150lb / 120lb ~1.5" drop ) - $175.00 value
  • Camera Mount - $49.95 value
  • Car Cover - $229.00 value



    Know much about the 2002 Neon ACR?


    We think you'll be surprised to learn that it's both relaible (page 56, Consumer Reports Yearly Car Book - Fall 2004) and competitive. 

    With a reliability verdict above average and a DaimlerChrysler 7 year / 100,000 (expires 04/26/2009 or 100,000 miles) mile power train warranty it's hard to go wrong putting this sports compact car to the test.

    Reliability report and 7 year / 100,000 mile warranty not good enough?

    An extended Service Contract from DaimlerChrysler is available for this car for the costs of $1,670.00 in addition to the sales price.

    Original Equipment (OE) Dynamic Suspensions 26 position adjustable shocks make it simple to set up for different surfaces and course designs

    Garage Sale (Used 4 Tests)

    Home Products Reviewed

    Spark Plugs

    Max Performance Tires

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    Wheels and Tires

    We learned a lot as we developed the Maxima to be the San Francisco Region SCCA Street Touring Championship car.  Here's a look at the products tested and the detail of our focused effort on the suspension.

    Thanks to sponsors, Courtesy Nissan (,, Ground Control and Dublin Nissan, Dublin, California.

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