Liz Miles - 2006 ST2-N Driver
Giving the Penske Camaro a thorough examination Liz finds inspiration for one of her projects. -
Liz's Inspiration
We knew she was quick in the "Z" she built, 500 bhp @ the crank. -
Liz, tearing it up at Sacramento Raceway Park
Here she is getting through turn 2 at Laguna Seca in her '68 Camaro. -
She's not afraid to turn the wheel or use the brake either.
Quick around the cones as well as a quick learner, picking up two seconds between run 1 and three, beating veteran, John Kelly, in the winning ST2 car. -
She proves she's quick around the cones too!
Please help us welcome Liz, driver, fabracator and one unique girl, we're delighted to have her on the team. -
Welcome Liz!

We're delighted to have Liz on the team for the 2006 season.

The Goodguys April 2006 feature suggests Liz may be the ideal woman; "she's pretty, smart, funny, dresses like a lady, and she works at a hot rod shop as a welder and fabricator.".  We think she's also a competent and competitive driver.  Keep a bookmark here and we'll update you on her competitive progress and contributions to Team COOPER.  As of March 5, 2006, her dominance of the ST2-N class remains uncontested.

Want to see some of her work, check D O M I N A T O R.  She's also just built her own web site,  Stop by and give her some props.  Want to help support her and other competitors develop thier skills?   Just drop us an e-mail.

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