Course Design
SFR custom dual motor course alteration vehicle complete with operator (click for a closer look)

Golden Gate Fields, Albany, CA Template

Please click the image below for a PDF of the course we implemented for the Golden Gate Porsche Club.

Click here to see Jason Sams take the Edge Motorworks/ '05 Lotus Elise for a run at the September 25, 2005 Tony Tabacco Golden Gate Fields course below.
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Network Associates (Oakland) Coliseum

'04 SFR SCCA Solo 2 Championship - Round 4

307 entries, the quickest averaging speeds up to 48.5 mph over a distance of a little more than a half mile in just a little less than 41 seconds, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIIIs reported to be hitting third gear...  the course flowed but had a few elements which required a keen eye to correctly negotiate.

Course design is an art.  If you'd like to know more about this intricate form you'll want Roger H. Johnson's booklet:


Beginning with a rough template of the lot we developed the flow of the course.
Next we added the technical elements to contain the flow we wanted.
In retrospect we know we should of begun with a scale map of the lots fixed obstructions, at Network Associates Coliseum that's comprised primarialy of light poles.  Also, we were very fortunate to have an experienced course designer help with the build process as time is of the essence when you arrive on site at 7:00 AM with expectations of having the course walk done by 8:30.  An overly tedious design, inexperienced builders or inflexibility can spell disaster.
Here's the map we took to the Site on March 21 on which the course was built.

To learn more about the EVENT go here:


Before we design the next course in Oakland we'll put a template together that precisely identifies the locations of all the obstructions and perimeter restrictions and post it here to share for other designers.

Marina Air Park - August 29, 2004

Course Map (click on words "Course Map" above and then the course image @ bottom of Competition Page)

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