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'05 Competition - Our Novice Driver Earns Championship
Jasmine maintains her lead, piloting the CapitalMarketFunding.COM Miata to a second place finish @ Golden Gate Fields, Albany, CA July 10, 2005 - Photo Courtesy of 510Garage.com

Jasmine Vanderpan Takes ST2 Novice, sharing first place with one of the boys.  The Street Touring 2 Novice Championship came down to the final round of the fourteen event season, André Marconett snatching a tie for first in his Toyota MR2 August 14, 2005.

We'd like to offer a special thanks to the sponsors who helped us cap the winning season.

Capital Market Funding



Jasmine goes from straight...
to a little tug of the wheel left...
and again...
to some opposite lock. to...

Watch Jasmine-Go-Round!

not Mary :^)

oops, a San Francisco Bay spin cycle...
the Maytag Man would be proud of!

 Dennis - No Fear - Armstrong (#40), our Test Driver/Mechanic has been, uh, credited with training Jasmine on what not to do.:^)  What wasn't captured in the film sequence above was him spinning on his instructional run with Jasmine.  That was immediately before she did the same.

Please click image above for a closer look at Dennis on course.

Car and Driver development continues!

Items as seemingly trivial as driver seating position can make a world of difference (depending on spring rates), effecting static camber by more than 1/2 degree.

Watch our Marketplace section as we'll be updating the site with our mods and tuning.

Linear high rate springs, ride-height adjustable coil-overs, increased rear suspension travel can all help in our car development efforts.

Barry on his way to his first win in ST2 Open Class this season takes a seating position well forward of Jasmines. Click on image for video (50 meg .mpg) of runs constrasting Jasmine and Barry.

In the series of photos below,

Jasmine (pink helmet) is suppose to be the Student but by looking at the Instructor's (white helmet) tire smoke and slower times, perhaps, the roles should be reversed.  ;^)

Click here for Street Touring 2 Novice results.



Click any image above for a closer view

Photos courtesy of Marty Smith, 510garage.com



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