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Click the news truck to learn more about our focus for 2012. - 4d-SPORT.com
Team COOPER - fight Neuroblastoma Mazdaspeed MX-5 at Monster Park, Candlestick Point - Utilized in Solo (autocross) competition and to teach high performance driving in a safe environment at street legal speeds. - 4d-SPORT.com
Join us and contribute to the fight against childhood cancer.  Please click above to learn more about our charity work. - 4d-SPORT.com
Join us and contribute to the fight against childhood cancer. Please click above to learn more about our charity work.

Help us help get the word out, 12,500 children are diagnosed with cancer each year and
not enough is being done (.pdf).  e-Mail us for more information on how you might help.  What is Neuroblastoma? 


Join us April 6 for an eclectic sporting event supporting pediatric cancer research. - 4d-SPORT.com
Sponsored by RX8r3.com, the San Jose Festival of SPEED Mazda RX-8 takes practice runs configured for the 2009 SFR SCCA Solo Championship Season.  We're hopeful to have the car “representing” our  sponsors again on Superbowl Sunday 2009. - 4d-SPORT.com


speed and precision
- blending purpose and performance in an attention getting package...

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We originally choose the Nissan Maxima "family" Sedan as a project car to feature our partners logos and products in a performance setting. Plenty of room for the graphics and enough doors to hustle passengers in and out for quick "thrill ride" throughput. :^) Since then we have expanded our development platforms to include other value oriented sedans and a new roadsters you'll see in our promotions.


to feature your logo...

to deliver your message...

We focus on delivering our partners
message to the public in a motorsports context. We've delivered exposure from the Speedvision cameras surrounding Laguna Seca to the Moscone Center, the promenade of the Blackhawk Museum, to regional and Nationally circulated Press and printed media.

to teach high performance driving techniques...

4D Sport took over 2250 hits from dedicated enthusiasts willing to work from 6AM-8Pm to get the inside track on the 2005 Taylor Woodrow Grand Prix of San Jose. Interested in reaching the market with this passion? Contact us and we'll help you with your marketing plan.

to raise awareness and funds...

for cutting edge treatments that can be used to fight an aggressive childhood cancer called neuroblastoma.

This Site's organization

This site is organized to highlight our Projects, items for sale by 4d-SPORT , products tested (.pdf) in our projects, a competition section where we reveal plans (.pdf) and results, background on our team, archives and links and

most importantly for whom this effort is dedicated, our


Be sure to stop back as the site evolves.


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2014 Kids Against Hunger Champion
2014 Kids Against Hunger Champion
L Barry Chafin

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149 Heritage Park Drive

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Phone: (925) 648-4021

e-Mail:  info@4D-Sport.com

L. Barry Chafin,

Principal Consultant


2009 Team RFC Qualifier

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